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Classes with Chris Cavert:

Micro-Lessons: Open Up Concept Conversations Anywhere in Under 5 Minutes 
    It doesn't take long to start a conversation about concepts like perspective, discomfort, mental-models, and relationships with these easy-to-lead activities. And, if you have 10 to 15 minutes to fill, you can even pull these concept conversation starters out anywhere in any space to provide that one last take-away for your group. Lots of time or just a little, these active-learning activities will be a valuable addition to your programming options.


The PVCysem Portable Team Building Kit
    Learn and experience over a dozen activities included in this highly portable PVC kit (and a few other fun props) you can make yourself. From the simple to the complex, from activities you know and ones that will be new, you can provide hours of challenges and valuable lessons almost anywhere.

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Classes with Brian Brolin

Story Magic; Using simple and interesting illusions to teach and inspire.
      Magic tricks are a fun and interesting way to get participants engaged in what you are presenting.  Illusions that can be done spontaneously with little or no preparation are a great addition to a facilitators kit.  In this class you will learn some easy-to-do tricks using simple props that you can use immediately.  We will also discuss a variety of lesson applications and uses.

A Mix That Makes Sense; Exploring how to sequence openings, games, activities, and discussions to help an event go somewhere

        Many have read the books and articles on The Adventure Wave, Flow of Activities, Program Cycles, and other clever theory names that make good book and article titles, but what does it actually LOOK like?  This workshop will let you experience several of MY favorite activities and how I sequence them.  Classic hoola hoop, Peteka, and Ricochet activities will be featured.

Whats In The Bag?!

        In my work with a variety of children, youth, and adult programs I often bring a bag. (Sometimes “baggage” as well…but that’s a therapy session.)   I enjoy using items with a history, unusual props, funny gag items, puppets, costumes, etc.  People I work with on a regular basis often enter the room and with anticipation ask “What’s in the bag!”  In this session I will share some of my favorite things and how I use them, and hopefully encourage and inspire attendees to develop and use their own “bag.”

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Classes with Jalissa Danhof

5 More minutes

A rainstorm has changed your program plans, and you’re stuck inside with a group staring at you with expectant faces. You have limited materials and a can-do attitude. You have five minutes to fill. What do you do? If you’ve ever been in this situation, you might need this session. Jam packed with games, activities, and resources to fill 5 more minutes with a group of youth or adults. Come play-your-way through small and large group activities to keep your participants engaged and included.

Classes With Linda Higginbotham


Fun and fitted low cost underwear from recycled T-shirts! Take one pair of old panties that fit the way you like and recycle these as your pattern for endless new pairs of FUNdies! Use a T-shirt in a favorite color or with a fun motif you can strategically locate. Never have to pay for new undies again!

Crocheted Flying Discs

Make a fun, portable, indoor/outdoor toy for children and adults to enjoy. These “flying discs” are tossable, washable, scrunchable and perfect to carry anywhere for a quick game of catch and toss. Crochet experience is helpful but not required. Skills used include magic loop, carrying two strands of yarn, single crochet and increasing.

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Classes with Beverly Larsen

Tin Punch

The colonial craft of tin punch is both functional & decorative. Participants can choose to try 1, 2, or all 3 of these learning projects: an ornament, a votive screen, a nightlight shade.

Hand Stitched Note Cards

These whimsical greeting cards are striking in their simplicity. Participants may create cards for their own use, as gifts, or to learn the craft to share with their own groups.

Classes with Dale Pace

Introductory Drawing

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