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Brian Brolin

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2020 Featured Presenter:

Brian Brolin

Brian has worked professionally as a Wild West show stunt man, high school teacher, wilderness program guide, ropes course facilitator, and recreation therapist. He uses storytelling, object lessons, magic tricks, games, and initiative activities to facilitate learning and growth. Brian retired from service with a Minnesota Dept. Of Corrections boot camp in 2017 and purchased a dilapidated 1880s ranch in Kansas to develop a mentoring and leadership program.

Dr. Chris Cavert

Adventure-Based Team Building Activities

Dr Chris Cavert is an author, a speaker and a professional trainer in the area of experiential adventure-based education focusing on how activities within this field help to develop and enhance pro-social behaviors and emotional intelligence – especially with youth populations.


He has been actively educating and team building with groups of all ages for more than 30 years and has authored/co-authored sixteen adventure-based related activity books. He leads interactive programs, training, and workshops, both nationally and internationally, bringing the activities
in his books to life.


He works with Educators, Challenge Course Facilitators, Therapeutic
Counselors, Social Workers, Recreational Staff, Camp Staff, Youth workers, and Human Resources Professionals.

Beverly Larsen Photo.jpg

Beverly Larsen

A self-proclaimed “leisure purist”, Beverly Larsen has been enthusiastically involved with recreation leadership workshops since 1989. After 28 years as a recreation instructor at a state institution for juvenile delinquents, Beverly is enjoying retirement in a decidedly old-fashioned 1856 farmhouse and doing a quirky variety of arts & crafts in the converted granary, “Beverly’s Reverie”. Beverly also demonstrates and teaches at various festivals & lost arts/living history venues throughout the United States. Beverly is the proud recipient of 2 prestigious awards from Great Lakes Recreation Leaders Lab: the Worthington Award for Significant Service, and the Rice Award for Excellence in Resource Leadership.

Jalisa Danhof

Jalisa has wanted to be a Camp Director since 5th grade, where she wrote in the yearbook that "Summer Camp Professional" was her chosen career. Now in her 10th year at Camp Newaygo as Assistant Director, Jalisa is still hooked on camping. She has served as the ACA National Emerging Professionals In Camping Chair since 2011. She is a contributor to the GoCampPro podcast and has served on the Buckeye Leadership Workshop Committee. Since her arrival at Camp Newaygo, the camping program attendance has increased by 100%. Jalisa is a feminist, a mom, and a wildly enthusiastic speaker.

Linda Higginbotham

Linda has been married almost 37 years to her best friend Brian. They have 5 wonderful children and 5 perfect grandchildren and numerous "adopteds" of various ages. She loves being Mom, teaching, reading, knitting, sewing, colors and is obsesses with Horses. Linda aspires to hear from God one  day "well done thou good and faithful servant".

She has been sewing, knitting and crochetting for decades, and will be sharing her expertise in sewing and crochet.

Dale Pace

Longtime Rec Labber Dale Pace decided at 62 that he could draw. After proving this to be true, he enjoys teaching other people that no matter their age or experience they too CAN draw!

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