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Classes with Chris Cavert:


Portable Team Building for Any Space;

Exploring the Dynamic Power of Adventure-Based Education;

Purposeful Program Design ;

Processing with Questions & Props;

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Classes with Sam Bartlett

Stuntology: Ridiculous parlor tricks, physical maneuverings and dumb games with Sam Bartlett. Participatory for all abilities!

Dance with Sam: Learn the basics of contra dancing. Fun, easy. No partner needed and not gender specific!

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Classes with Judy Thomson:

Tangling with Judy

Simple lines and patterns converge to create a beautiful and personalized Mandela.  We will incorporate “tangles” into Mandela patterns and accent them with watercolor.  Reverse it by creating a white on black Mandela as well!  Basics of “tangling” will be provided along with many pattern directions.  Go at your own pace, create one or more during provided class time.  The essence of the project originated with learning the Zentangle method of drawing, but no prior experience with Zentangle is required.






Pull String Art 

Learning to create a lovely art piece using paint saturated string!  Pulling the string between watercolor paper creates lovely designs.  You will learn the basic technique and practice with string lengths and colors then create a final piece to take home.  Practice pieces make lovely card fronts or can be incorporated into your larger art piece.

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Classes With Cathy Meyer

Feed Bags to Functional Totes

Like making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, discarded woven plastic feed bags can be upcycled into sturdy, colorful, and useful tote bags. 

Quick and Easy Outdoor Activities

Whether a camp setting, a scout troop, or fun for all ages gathering, learn some simple, low cost activities to spark curiosity, explore the site, and make new friends along the way.

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Classes with Sharon Kirk Clifton

Saturday Afternoon:  A Zany Intro to Improv—Quick! Say Something! 
Leave your self-consciousness at the door, and come on in for some fun.

Sunday morning:  Tell-Tale LearnShop--Taking Stories from the Campfire to the Board Room and All Stops in Between. 
Learn how to craft a story, and try it out on us—a friendly, non-judgmental audience, or simply come to listen.

Classes with Lydia Sargent 

Tiny world of wonder: Miniatures!

Outdoor Activities With Young Explorers

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