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Dr. Bob Horton & Cathy Meyer


Dr. Bob Horton is a Professor and Extension 4-H Specialist at the center for 4-H Youth Development at The Ohio State University. He is a nationally recognized leader in STEM education for after-school programs and has published over 35 science-based 4-H curriculum resources. Dr. Bob is credited with the popularization of 2-liter bottle rocketry and is a regularly featured presenter at state and national 4-H youth events. Come learn what Bob has to offer for your group, organization, or life!


Cathy Meyer has been a Naturalist for the Monroe County Parks and Recreation Department in Bloomington, Indiana, since 1991. She is responsible for planning and implementing environmental education presentations for school groups, teachers, day camps, and the public and is a facilitator for Project WET, Project WILD, PLT, and Hoosier River Watch. With Master's Degrees in Biology and Environmental Science from Indiana University, Cathy has also worked for the DNR Divisions of Nature Preserves, Fish and Wildlife, Reservoirs, and State Parks and has served as a Steward for The Nature Conservancy and Sycamore Land Trust, and President of EEAI and the Sassafras Audubon Society. Cathy has received numerous honorable awards for her hard work. We are pleased to have her with us this year! Bring your friends or group members to learn and grow with Cathy Meyer!

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